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    It is possible to apply for interventions in countries on the OECD-DAC’s list of developing countries in the categories ‘Least Developed Countries’, ‘Other Low Income Countries’ and ’Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories’.


    In 2017, interventions in countries covered by CISU’s fund in support of civil society interventions in EU neighbouring countries towards the east and southeast (the Eastern Neighbourhood Fund) cannot obtain support from the Civil Society Fund. Moldova is the exception.



    • Indigenous people. Funding activities aimed at indigenous people are exempted from the above income limit since interventions can be supported in countries in the category 'Upper Middle Income Countries and Territories'. Funding cannot be given to indigenous people and their organisations in Europe, North America and comparable countries. Civil Society Fund support is subject to the "Strategy for Danish support to indigenous peoples" - and in particular the criteria: to strengthen the right of indigenous peoples to control their own development paths and to determine matters regarding their own economic, social, political and cultural situation.


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