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Note: The text and documents below are in English in order to be useable by partners in the developing countries



CISU - Civil Society in Development would like to make it easier for civil society organizations (both Danish and local partners) to be well informed of the current situation for civil society work in the specific countries in which you work. Therefor we developed a CISU World Map of country profiles.

We hope to provide relevant information to Danish member organizations and interested partners in an easily accessible and printable format with information of relevance to civil society.


Countries with extended data

We are not able to present extended information on all major collaborating countries at present. We will start with countries that have been chosen based on the following criteria:

  • relevance for CISU members organizations
  • more than 10 Danish CSOs are working with partners in the country; and
  • presence of a Danish Embassy or CISU visit to the country after 2009


It is, however, posible for us to provide basic information on all countries where CISU member organisations are present. This informations includes relevant links about the context, news feeds from Human Rights Watch, Danish CSOs present in the country, list of grants ect.


Your feedback and additional information would be highly appreciated

We are very interested in continuously updating this information. If you have any relevant information, documents, links to local CSO-networks or the like, we would very much like to receive your feedback. Please send the information to Søren Asboe (saj@cisu.dk).


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