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    All CISU's member organisations are actively involved in various types of development. Most member organisations are engaged in:

    • Fundraising and development projects in cooperation with local partners in developing countries
    • Development Education and Public Awareness Campaigns targeting the Danish population


    The members represent a very diverse range of CSOs, both regionally and thematically.


    CISU puts extra emphasis on building the capacity of small and medium-sized CSOs with limited human resources. However, since 2014, Danish CSOs which hold so-called Framework Agreements with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have also been able to apply for membership.


    Membership Prerequisite


    A CISU membership grants access to free advisory sessions with CISU's CSO consultants,  a large number of training courses, network meetings and workshops held by CISU throughout the year.


    Danish associations and non-commercial organisations with activities or other types of engagement in developing countries can become members of CISU, if the following requirements are met:


    • The association has to be engaged in development work as its main activity or as part of its activities.
    • The association has to be deeply rooted in a membership base and have held its first Annual General Meeting.
    • The association has to be formally registered in Denmark.
    • The association can only have non-commercial activities.
    More than 250 Danish CSO''''s are members of CISU
    Address: CISU - Civil Society in Development, Klosterport 4a, 8000 √Örhus C, Denmark
    Tel: 045 8612 0342, weekdays 10.00-15.00, Mail us at cisu@cisu.dk

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