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Below, the users of the Danish Emergency Relief Fund (DERF) can find all relevant formats and guidance documents related to the DERF fund.


Before you make use of the formats and documents presented below, we kindly ask you to read the DERF Funding Guidelines.

Please note: The new DERF, from 2021 and onwards, is undergoing a tender process at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CISU & Save the Children - DK and two other candidates have been shortlisted for the tender.

The provisional timetable includes the contract btw. the Ministry and the winner of the tender will be signed in the end of April 2021.

In the meantime, the DERF will not be open for applications.

Code of Conduct & Complaints

The CISU Code of Conduct is a compilation of CISU's ethical and legal principles, sexual abuse protection policy, exploitation and abuse of power and anti-corruption policy.

The Code of Conduct can be accessed here in English.

If you wish to submit a complaint, report of suspicion of abuse, please use the specific  formular.  All complaints etc. are processed as described in CISU's code of conduct.

Furthermore, you can read mere about reporting of irregularities in connection with CISU funded grants (in Danish) here.

Crisis alert

At CISUs online system Vores CISU you can raise and submit an alert.
We also ask you to fill in this alert note with information on the crisis and send it to derf@cisu.dk.

In case you need more information about the process, you can follow this guide.


Acting in anticipation of humanitarian crises is new for many Danish organisations. It can be difficult to decide when to alert the DERF. Please consult the Funding Guidelines for more information or contact the DERF management team by mail to derf@cisu.dk.


An alert can trigger the opening of the fund in relation to a given humanitarian crisis. For information on existing call for applications see the DERF Overview.

Before applying the DERF Fund

Before applying for DERF funding, please read the DERF Funding Guidelines. Always ensure that you use the newest available version at this webpage.

Before applying for DERF funding for the COVID19 calls, please read the Supplement to the DERF Funding Guidelines. 


Before applying for DERF funding, make youself acquainted with the DERF Grant Management Guide.

Applying the DERF Fund

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifCover page to be signed and uploaded with the organisational capacity assessment application text


/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifApplication format  - to be uploaded via CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifCover page - to be signed and uploaded with the application text


/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifApplication format Early Action - to be uploaded via CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifApplication format Rapid Response - to be uploaded via CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifApplication format COVID19 Priority Countries - to be uploaded via CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifApplication format COVID19 On Watch Countries - to be uploaded via CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifBudget format - to be used with application forms for all DERF Intervention Applications. Please refer to the DERF Budget guide for guidance and regulations for the budget.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifBudget Guide

The guide includes guidance and regulations for the DERF budget format to be submitted with the Intervention applications.

N.B. DERF has by DMFA been mandated to adhere to the regulations for pooled funding mechanisms. Please therefore refer to the DMFA Annex 2 (in Danish) for the specific rules of expenses covered by the administration fee and the technical assistance.

The Annex is available here and at the DMFA here.

When you apply for DERF funding, you must be able to fulfill the CISUs financial standards.

CISUs financial standards are divided in three levels, where the budget of the intervention must be within the level approved for your organisation. 

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifUp to 200.000 DKK.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifAbove 200.000 DKK.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifAbove 1 mio. DKK.

You can also use CISU financial check list for partner monitoring visits.

During implementation

All DERF grant holders must comply with the requirements stated in the The DERF Grant Management Guide.

Please ensure that you follow the current version of the guide, i.e. the version uploaded here. 

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFormat for disbursement request

The request must be submitted through CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifRequest for adjustments in a DERF intervention

The request must be submitted submitted through CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFinancial Monitoring Checklist - CISU recommends the DERF grant holders to consider using the CISU checklist during monitoring visits, as a supplement or inspiration to the grant holder's own monitoring tools.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFormat for reporting of irregularities


The reporting of irregularities must be submitted by mail to derf@cisu.dk with the grant reference number in the email subject.

It is mandatory upon the governing body of the Danish organisation to immediately notify CISU:

  • If significant difficulties arise in the implementation of the intervention, including problems regarding compliance with the budget approved.
  • If significant problems arise in the organisation’s relationship with the recipient country’s authorities, partner or expatriate staff.
  • If there is well-founded suspicion or detection of theft, fraud, corruption, misuse or similar irregularities.
  • If cases of safeguarding or PSEAH arise among any of the implementation partners.

You are very welcome to contact CISU if a project or an intervention runs into problems, enabling CISU to guide you in how to report the problems and how to pursue a solution.



Reporting to CISU

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFormat for final report

The final report must be submitted within one month of the end date of the intervention.

The signed final report must be submitted through CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

This is the format for the DERF accounts, for all interventions with DERF funding.


/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFormat for final audited accounts as well as the Account assist sheets.


Please note that the format includes several pages, which together form the complete format for the audited accounts to be submitted for the DERF intervention. The audited accounts must be submitted in one collective document, supplemented by the auditor's long form audit report, duely signed.


N.B. The current audit instructions is issued by Danida (The DMFA) and consists of two instructions, the instruction 4d for grants below DKK 500.000 and the instruction 4c for grants of more than DKK 500.000.

You should ensure that you use these current instructions, and that your auditor follows these as well as the CISU guidance and requirements, as instructed in the DERF Grant Management Guide and the account format.

Deadline for submission of final accounts is within three months of the end date of the intervention. The final accounts report must be submitted through CISUs online system, Vores CISU.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFormat for transfer document

If the price of an individual grant-financed investment to be transferred exceeds the tax authorities’ definition of a minor acquisition a signed transfer document must be attached to the final accounts and submitted for CISU approval, together with audited accounts.

Final report Early Action

Final report Rapid Response

Final report COVID19 (OW & PC)

The final report must be submitted within one month of the end date of the intervention.

The signed final report must be submitted through CISUs online system, Vores CISU.