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Startdato: 12-9-2019
Slutdato: 12-9-2019
Sted: KADK Library Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 50, 1434

On the occasion of the exhibition "Informal Horizons" Architect Without Borders Denmark have invited 7 newly graduated architects to present their 6 graduate projects that in different ways merge architecture and development. After the presentations we will open up to a discussion about the themes of the evening and of course have time to drink a glass of wine and enjoy the new exhibition. AFTEN UDEN GRÆNSER is an event series for Architects Without Borders Denmark, that combines both presentations and networking. We gather over a glass of wine and share thoughts, inspiration and experiences in the fields of architecture and development. Each evening has its own theme, with compelling presenters who share their experiences in the field, followed by a discussion and questions from the participants. THE PROJECTS AND GRADUATES Fredrik Lindahl, George Pickering, Anders Rischel Hilbert, Chana Mahayosanun, Yuan Gao, Jonathan Pihl Petersen and Lars Sigersted will present their impressive projects: “The Marginalised Majority” about the informal settlement of Makoko, Nigeria, aiming to create educational opportunities and to empower the community. “Homeless Hyperborea: a different form of shelter”, an investigation into alternative and varied forms of shelter in the context of Fairbanks, Alaska. “Barrio Margen del Rio” explores a new iterative and locally rooted urban development model that could improve both health and economic resilience for the inhabitants of the informal neighbourhoods of Havana. “Solar roasted chicken: sunlight food production and net-vernacular in thailand”, introducing an alternative way of using sunlight as clean energy. “Co-exist”, diversifying the industrial city structure of Kangbashi, Mongolia, establishing pasture in the abandoned areas of the city, transforming it into a co-living space for both livestock and human beings. “Den dansk-indiske forbindelse” tackles the restauration of a historical school building in Serampore in north-eastern India. The proposal consist of local building traditions and materials.

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