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During implementation

All DERF grantees must comply with the requirements stated in the DERF Grant Mangaement Guide


Please ensure that you follow the current and latest version of the guide, i.e. the version uploaded here. 


/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFormat for disbursement request

The DERF specific disbursement request must used and be submitted through CISUs online platform, Vores CISU. Please refer to the Grant management guide for the DERF rules on disbursements.


Upload the request in Vores CISU

  • Find the specific intervention in Vores CISU and click on it,
  • Go to 'Ind- og Udbetalinger' at the top bar of the screen
  • Choose 'Send udbetalingsanmodning' at the bottom of the page
  • Enter the amount to be disbursed and bank information and upload the disbursement request (remember to use the correct format)
  • Choose 'Send anmodning', which is now submitted to CISU.


I you have any questions, feel free to send an email to derf@cisu.dk

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifRequest for adjustments in a DERF intervention

Supporting document in case of budget revisions


The request for adjustments, e.g. budget revisions etc., must be submitted through CISUs online platform, Vores CISU. Please refer to the Grant management guide for the DERF rules on adjustments


Upload the request for adjustments in Vores CISU:

  • Enter the grant in Vores CISU
  • Go to 'Opret ændringsanmodning' at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose which kind of adjustment, the request is relating to (periodeændring - change in period, budgetændring - change in budget and/or andet - other).
  • Upload the request (and remeber to use the correct format for DERF)
  • Press 'Send', and the request is submitted to CISU.


If you have questions, feel free to contact CISU at derf@cisu.dk

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFinancial Monitoring Checklist for partner visists have been developed by CISU for partner visits to CISU funded projects. CISU recommends the DERF grantees to consider using the CISU checklist during monitoring visits, as a supplement or inspiration to the grant holder's own monitoring tools.

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifThe Accountability Dialogue Tool, co-developed by CISU, is also highly recommended to the DERF grantee partners to use for monitoring and self-assessments.  

/files/System/PRNGO/PRNGO_09_linkbullit.gifFormat for reporting of irregularities


The reporting of irregularities must be submitted by mail to derf@cisu.dk with the grant reference number in the email subject heading.

It is mandatory upon the governing body of the Danish organisation to immediately notify DERF/CISU:

  • If significant difficulties arise in the implementation of the intervention, including problems regarding compliance with the budget approved.
  • If significant problems arise in the organisation’s relationship with the recipient country’s authorities, partner or expatriate staff.
  • If there is well-founded suspicion or detection of theft, fraud, corruption, misuse or similar irregularities.
  • If cases of safeguarding or PSEAH arise among any of the implementation partners.

You are very welcome to contact CISU if a project or an intervention runs into problems, enabling CISU to guide you on how to report the problems and how to pursue a solution.