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Study of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) in interventions - case study in Zimbabwe, Nov. 22

Læringsrapport - EU Development and Awareness Raising, Bruxelles

Local Leadership - a case study from Uganda, 2022 

Thematic visit: Climate Change Adaptation in Nepal

Travel report, Georgia 2022

Report from the UN General Assembly, September 2022



Review of Climate Grant 2019-2021 



Civic Participation Interventions in the Civil Society Fund - a case study in Bolivia og case beskrivelser fra de besøgte indsatser

Report from CISUs particpation and workshop engagement at the International Civil Society Week in Belgrade 2019.

Report from CISU learning visit to Kenya with focus on local resource mobilisation

Report from UN General Assembly 2019



Tracer study, the Gambia, November 2018 og Tracer Study, Senegal, November 2018

Themativ visit DERF, Kenya, October 2019 Nexus and Cash-based programming

Thematic review, Sierra Leone, April 2018

Thematic visit, Ghana on Private Sector Collaboration, April 2018

Thematic visit, Kenya, April, 2018

Thematic visit, Georgia, May-June 2018

Constraints and opportunities when communicating results of humanitarian relief, Lebanon 2018



Final Review Report, the Fund for Climate and Environment, September 2017

Thematic visit, Nepal, Nov.-Dec. 2017 

Thematic visit, Ghana 'Africa Philanthrophy', june 2017

Thematic visit, Georgia, June 2017

Responsible Business Summit, London, June 2017

Thematic Review, Uganda, Jan 2017.

Ni artikler med resultater fra CISUs medlemsorganisationers arbejde i Uganda.



Thematic visit, Egypt, Jan 2016

Tracer study, Philippines, Oct 2016

Thematic visit, Ukraine, Nov 2016



Thematic visit, South Africa/Zimbabwe, Nov 2015

Thematic visit, Ghana, June 2015

Thematic visit, AXIS, Peru, Feb/Mar 2015

Thematic visit, Kenya, Jan 2015

Learning visit, Ethiopia, Jan 2015



Thematic visit, Uganda, Nov/Dec 2014

Thematic visit, Nepal and Bangladesh, Dec 2014

Learning visit, Honduras and Nicaragua, Apr 2014



Internationale Studieture

Responsible Business Summit, London, June 2017

CIVICUS ICSW, Fiji, Dec 2017

CIVICUS ICSW, Bogota, Apr 2016

COP21, Paris, Dec 2015

CIVICUS ICSW, South Africa, Nov 2014

CIVICUS ICSW, Workshop report, South Africa, Nov 2014

ICSC konference, Paris, Oct 2014

ToR CIVICUS ICSW, South Africa, Nov 2013

CIVICUS World Assembly (2013)


Læs mere om CIVICUS og ICSW her


Tidligere rejser

Framework Conditions for CSOs, Philippines, 2012

Potentials and Challenges in Rights-Based Advocacy, Cameroun, 2012

Poverty Oriented Growth, Rwanda and Kenya, 2012

The Civil Society Context, Mali, 2012

The shift from Project to Programme-Support, Malawi and Zimbabwe, 2012

Working for development in Fragile Situations, Northern Uganda, 2012

Change Triangle, Ghana (2011)

Opsummerende rapport, Bolivia, Nepal, Tanzania (2009)

Læringsrejse Kenya (2010)

Læringsrejse til Vietnam (2011)