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Storytelling with smartphones

CISU - Civil Society in Development has developed a do-it-yourself toolbox as an introduction to free og cheap app's and web services to be used on iPhones as well as Android or Windows based smartphones



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  Use your smartphone: Innovative storytelling, documentation and reporting


Your smartphone is a digital Swiss Army knife that can be your most important tool to maintain and convey what you experience when visiting your association partners and projects in the South. It allows you to create documentation, reporting and information in a new way.

Get an overview here and click for examples and detailed step-by-step instructions. You can also use the menu on the left to browse between the different tools.
  Slideshow via Flickr - directly to your website


Send photos from your phone to Flickr.com. Here you can edit and organize images to a slide show - directly through your phone, tablet or computer.

You can share the slideshow via Facebook, email and link on the website. You can also embed the slideshow on your website or blog. Updates and new photos will appear automatically.


How to do and examples here


   Video via Youtube: Cut, edit and share your films


On the video service Youtube, you can cut the ends of a movie and combine several small films together in a movie - on-line from your phone or your PC. It is not advanced editing, but a good opportunity on the go.

The finished film can be shared via Facebook, email, and links on a website. It can also be embedded on your website or blog.


How to do and examples here


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   360 degrees photo - look at the world all around you


With the network service Dermandar you can snap a 360 degree panoramic photo with your smartphone. When the photo appears on your website, you can spin the motif and see what happens to the sides and behind you. And it's super easy!

Again, the picture may be shared via Facebook, e-mails otherwise links on the site, or it can be embedded directly on websites and blogs.


How to do and examples here


  Track your travels with EveryTrail


With EveryTrail you can get your mobile to record your movement - and add photos and videos to your route via geodata. This allows you to tell a story in souns and images that the user can follow as a mark on the landscape.

EveryTrail tracks can be embedded directly on websites and blogs.


How to do and examples here




Watch instruction video here

  Make a timeline of your story


Timelines can be very nice way to present projects and events that run over time, especially if you are able to add photos, video and audio.

A timeline can be used to give an overview of projects and processes - from a project visit to your entire organization's history.


How to do and examples here



Watch instruction video here

 Tips & tricks: Better audio and and catchy video with your smartphone


The quality of audio and video on smartphones vary widely, but there are some tips and tricks to improve the results - regarding the purely technical as well as the way you are shooting your film.

Most important advice: Use an external microphone and a good handle - and go up close to your motif.


How to do and examples here



Interview with iPhone

 Tips & tricks: Better photos with your smartphone


All newer phones have an excellent built-in camera. But more is needed if you want to tage good photos. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you make your photos more attractiive and appealing.
The most important thing is to make people relax and to persuade them to play along.


How to do and examples here



Tips: Photos with smartphone




About CISUs toolbox

CISUs toolbox on the use of smartphones in development education is developed in collaboration with freelance journalist Claus Leick and journalist Anne Grete Skovgaard from UPDATE, Danish School of Media and Journalism. In addition, Danish CSO ADRA helped with cases, feedback and ideas.

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