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Her kan du læse om og blive inspireret af de indsatser, der er blevet støttet af støtteformen, Styrkelse af civilsamfundets råderum. Ikke alle støttede indsatser er offentliggjort, og detaljer i de nedenstående kan være anonymiseret af sikkerhedsgrunde.


Ansøgninger under DKK 100.000

Bevilget beløb DKK 99.907,-


The proposed intervention aims to contribute to the continued response to COVID-19 and other needs for basic services by equipping civil society groups with knowledge and support systems that will help protect them against repressive measures invoked by the emergency and anti-terror laws listed above. The intervention seeks to: - Monitor and document the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government emergency response policies and measures on civil society groups and their operations - Develop a network-wide support system that can provide quick response to PHILSSA members and partners in distress from repressive policies and measures - Formulate technical and legal guidance materials for awareness- and capacity-building of civil society groups on defending democratic space in the context of restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 - Use documentation of rights restrictions and violations to advocate to lawmakers, local executives, and the general public. Target group is 200 CSOs.

Bevilget beløb DKK 99.588,-


This intervention, to be led by the Colombian NGO Sembrandopaz and supported by the Danish NGO Conducive Space for Peace, aims to sustain participation in the Peace Process of Colombia and protect human rights of citizens through dialogue during the COVID-19 crisis. This will be achieved by first supporting approximately 30 community leaders in Montes de Maria region of Colombia to voice their concerns & influence peace and development plans of the local authorities and second to enhance awareness among citizens of legal, dialogue based, and democratic processes to ensure influence in shaping the peace process and the future of their communities. This intervention will indirectly benefit approximately 25,000 inhabitants of the San Jacinto Municipality through dialogue and public awareness campaigns. The intervention will harness the democratic tools that will permit local communities to defend their civic space and human rights which have been infringed upon by local authorities.

Ansøgninger mellem DKK 100.000 og 750.000

Bevilget beløb DKK 750.000,-


Som følge af COVID-19 pandemien ses der nu flere overtrædelser af menneskerettigheder i det Nepalesiske lavland Terai end tidligere, såsom øget vold i hjemmet, retslige overtrædelser og mere kriminalitet. Netop derfor er menneskerettighedsforkæmpere vigtigere end nogensinde før. Dog møder menneskerettighedsforkæmpere ofte modstand fra både statslige og ikke-statslige aktører, og har derfor hårdt brug for beskyttelse og støtte. På baggrund af dette har indsatsen til formål at styrke de aktivister der dagligt kæmper på vegne af Nepals mest sårbare grupper: fattige, arbejdsløse, migranter, ofrer for vold og andre marginaliserede grupper der er hårdest ramt af pandemiens konsekvenser. Sammen med vores lokale partner INSEC vil Folkekirkens Nødhjælp implementere aktiviteter der støtter forkæmperenes arbejde via diverse træninger, etablering af netværker, oplysningskampagner, underskriftsindsamlinger og skabelse af dialog med lokalregeringen samt støtte lokale, institutionelle mekanismer.

Bevilget beløb DKK 749.653,-


In a country of operation* we are currently witnessing how government, under the disguise of a COVID-19 response, have engaged in a war on the most vulnerable groups in the country – the informal sector workers. Extended lockdowns and destruction of markets are currently pushing some of the most vulnerable groups in the country into even deeper poverty. The overall purpose of the intervention is to strengthen the resilience and livelihood of urban young people in the informal sector in the country. The intervention is based on the following specific objective. Specific objective 1: Youth has strengthened their knowledge on COVID-19; Specific objective 2: Youth has strengthened their livelihood; Specific objective 3. Youths have strengthened their socio-economic rights

(*country anonymised due to security reasons)

Bevilget beløb DKK 750.000,-


The overall objective of the intervention is to contribute to an inclusive civic space for LGBT+ persons and sex workers (SWs) amidst and post the COVID-19 pandemic. Both groups have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 control measures. The immediate objectives are to (1) empower and increase the capacity of SWs and LGBT+ organisations to document evidence of human rights violations committed against them and (2) increase their capacity to advocate for the respect, protection and promotion of their rights during and post the pandemic period. The main activities are research on the implications of the COVID-19 directives on human rights, training of SW and LGBT+ organisations in documentation of violations and advocacy; development of a shadow report to the UNHRC and related national and international advocacy, development of a national-wide SW-led COVID-19 resilience & recovery strategy and advocacy for the prioritization of SW interests, rights and needs.

Bevilget beløb DKK 749.170,-

The intervention will be implemented in the Philippines and the purpose is to strengthen the NAGKAISA Labor Coalition and its member organisations to defend rights at work and roll back COVID-19 emergency legislations restricting trade union and other fundamental human rights. The NAGKAISA and its member organisations will identify violations of rights at work and defend these at factory level through raising awareness about legislation and denounce violations, unjustified dismissals and unwarranted arrest in courts. The project will create knowledge and build capacity at factory floor to resist violations from employers and authorities to unlawfully dismiss organized workers, issue arrest orders and baseless charges against striking workers based on COVID-19 emergency legislation. Additionally, NAGKAISA will build a campaign with human rights organizations to repeal the Anti-Terror Act and emergency COVID-19 legislation restricting rights at work and other fundamental human rights.

Bevilget beløb DKK 733.381,-


LGBT+ Denmark and their partner aim to rebuild LGBTQ+ communities in rural Uganda following the covid19 lockdown and restrictions. The overall purpose of the intervention is to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of the LGBTQ+ communities in rural Uganda following the covid19 restrictions.


Immediate objective 1:

LGBTQ+ organisations/ groups in rural Uganda have strengthened organisation skills to take up programming post-covid19


Immediate objective 2:

To reduce covid19-related minority stress and increase levels of mental well-being and self-efficacy among LGBTQ+ people in Uganda Immediate


Immediate objective 3:

LGBTQ+ organisations/ groups in rural Uganda document cases of violence, including GBV and IPV, amongst LGBTQ+ persons and have enhanced legal literacy to respond to cases of emergency

Bevilget beløb 749.315,-


The main objective of the intervention is to strengthen the capacities of grassroot movements of environmental human rights defenders (EHRDs) in Latin America and the Caribbean to organize and defend civic space and human rights, in the face of increasing repression from national governments during COVID-19. The intervention will build capacity for national organizations and their affiliated communities to be able to successfully advocate for political change in their countries.

Bevilget beløb 750.000,-


Igennem denne indsats vil Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke gennem vores uddannelsescenter Tanzania Centre for Development Cooperation og vores partnere ActionAid Tanzania og Africans Rising udvikle og udrulle en række digitale læringsværktøjer og platforme til at støtte særligt unge borgere, kvinder og civilsamfund i Østafrika i at bedrive aktivisme, demokratisk deltagelse og fortalervirksomhed i en tid hvor muligheden for fysiske forsamlinger og rejser er stærkt begrænset og hvor regeringerne bruger COVID-19 pandemien til stærkt at begrænse rummet for politisk deltagelse.

Bevilget beløb 467.989,-


Violence against women has increased in Palestine during the covid-19 pandemic. While violence against women was already widespread, the pandemic has disproportionately affected women, and emergency measures have acted as catalysts for a dramatic increase in domestic violence. Civil society actors are finding it increasingly difficult to fulfill their engagements and provide quality support to women due to the new movement restrictions. This project, in partnership with the Palestinian women’s’ rights organisation Rural Women Development Society, aims at strengthening Palestinian women’s’ organizations’ capacity to continue supporting women victims of violence during the covid-19 crisis, and to scale up pressure on duty bearers to adopt a family law. This will be achieved through supporting survivors of violence during crises, enhanced remote services during lockdowns, broad awareness raising and a revived concerted advocacy effort to put violence against women on the political agenda.

Bevilget beløb kr. 744.288,-


The objective of the intervention is to counteract the shrinking civic space for selected Bolivian indigenous groups. The intervention focuses on (i) strengthening the communication strategies of the selected indigenous peoples groups and to train young people and women in the systematization of their experiences and the measures they took to address the COVID-19 situation and the various problems they faced during quarantine in their territories; ii) creating a network of indigenous people and a digital communication network in order to disseminate the challenges they face as indigenous people and their democratic demands to the authorities; and iii) advocacy towards the State bodies to influence and obtain attention from the authorities, and to sensitize civil society on the challenges they are facing in their territories. The primary target group includes 15 communities, 6004 community members, 100 trained women and youth and 60 indigenous leaders.

Ansøgninger fra retningsliner efter 10. december 2020

Bevilget beløb 1.673.139,-


The main purpose of the intervention is to defend fundamental rights at work especially for women and roll back COVID-19 emergency legislations that restrict trade union and other human rights. The NAGKAISA Labour Coalition – a coalition of the Philippines’ principal trade union confederations and unions – will with the support of the DTDA train women trade unionists, elected representatives and activists, to raise awareness among their female co-workers on basic workers' rights, civil and political rights, gender equality, women’s rights and the implications of COVID-19 legislation on their possibility to apply these rights on the factory floor in the Philippines.

Bevilget beløb DKK 1.326.583,-


The main purpose of the proposed intervention is to counter the increasing violations of fundamental human rights and rights at work, which have accelerated during the COVID-19 crisis in Colombia. This will be done through capacity building of local trade unions and a national advocacy effort to revoke COVID-19 legislation that undermine fundamental rights rights at work and reduce pension contributions. Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia (CUT), the largest and most prominent trade union confederation will together with the Danish Trade Union Development Agency (DTDA) implement the project in Colombia. The intervention will address the effects of COVID-19 related legislation (Presidential Decree 1174) and its implications on fundamental trade union rights such as union busting, persecution, harassment and assassinations of trade unionists and the need to rebuild the trade union power in the wake of mass dismissals and deregulation of employment conditions.