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Please find here the FAQ for the DERF, which will be updated on a continous basis.


Should you need technical backstopping or support, please fill out the formular at the left and your request will be assessed by the DERF team.




No. The Anticipatory Action can be applied any time. The DERF funding guidelines describe in chapter 3.2 more about how to apply.


No. Participation is mandatory as per your grant agreement with the DERF. For each grant received you will need to participate in an experience sharing workshop.

We strongly recommend the implementing partner to participate, if this is possible because the learning experience becomes much more relevant by this.  


Any Danish CSO can alert the DERF about a particular crisis. You can do this through our online portal Vores CISU. You need to attach an Alert Note, which can be find on the DERF website about Guidelines and Formats.  Please read the DERF Funding guidelines chapter 4.2 for details about how to alert the DERF. 

Yes. Any DERF grant can be extended if this is needed to ensure proper completion.  The total timespan of a DERF intervention may not exceed 9 months, which means that a 6-months intervention may be extended with max 3 months. The DERF must approve an extension. The format for applying for extension can be found on the DERF website under guidelines and formats and must be submitted through Vores CISU.

No, it is not possible to apply for more funds to the same grant. Interventions have to be completed with the funds granted according to grant agreement.

No. It must be the Danish CSO who applies. Only Danish CSOs without a strategic humanitarian partnership with the MFA can apply the DERF.


You may not change modalities or send a Rapid Response application with an open call for applications. However, your Anticipatory Action intervention may adjust to changing needs of your target group, this has to be done within the Anticipatory Action modality, even though the proposed changes may be similar to those of typical rapid response interventions. 
You may also choose to alert the DERF and wait for a call for applications. 

We are not talking about a deadline, but a period, where applications can be submitted. With the humanitarian imperative and the argument of saving lives, we have created a rapid funding mechanism, where applications are assessed when and in the order they are received. When the call-window closes, the first applications may already be approved, and the life-saving activities started.


No. All DERF interventions must focus on lifesaving, either in anticipation of or responding to a humanitarian crisis. If your intervention focuses on nexus between humanitarian, development, and/ or peace, please refer to the CISU Civil Society Fund for interventions in fragile contexts.