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The new DERF, from 2021 and onwards, is undergoing a tender process at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CISU & Save the Children - DK and two other candidates have been shortlisted for the tender.

The provisional timetable includes the contract btw. the Ministry and the winner of the tender will be signed in the end of April 2021.

In the meantime, the DERF will not be open for applications.


Thus, the FAQ section is currently not available, while the tender process is undertaken. 


As informed previously to all DERF users and grantees, the contract between CISU and the Ministry for the management of the DERF Fund ended 31.12.2020.

The existing DERF grants will be finalized by the current grant holders and CISU during 2021.

The DERF guidelines and formats, as well as the CISU/DERF Code of Conduct etc. for the existing grants can still be accessed here.


However, as CISU has reporting deadlines on the DERF 2017-2020 to the Ministry on the contract, and the grants must be ended within the set timeframe, the following instructions must be adhered to:
• CISU will not be able to approve no-cost extensions of the existing DERF grants as per instructed by the Ministry.
• If you wish to change some of the activities due to the Covid-19 situation, please send adjustment requests as soon as possible, you may also include new Covid-19 activities in the requests and/or budget changes.
• Deadlines for final reporting and accounts cannot be extended. If severe and unforeseen circumstances cause delays, a request explaining these and the solutions must be submitted as soon as possible.


Should you need technical backstopping or support, please fill out the formular at the left and your request will be assessed by the DERF team.