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Development through Partnerships


The basic principle for the Civil Society Fund is to support development through partnerships between CSOs in Denmark and the developing countries. Grants are given to Danish civil society organisations, but local partners in the South are responsible for the practical management and implementation of projects. However, CISU only promotes partnerships that go beyond the simple notion of donors doing projects through local partners.


CISU and The Civil Society Fund both stress that succesful partnerships should always entail long-term cooperation rather than short-term project activities. Figure 1.1. illustrates different elements of a partnership. CISU believes that a strong relation between two partner organisations can prevent loss of sight of the ultimate goal of building a strong civil society (and civil society organisations) amidst the implementation of time-bound projects.


Want to learn more about Partnerships? Download CISU's Position Paper no. 4: Partnerships.


Figure: 1.1.



The Development Triangle


The Development Triangle is a tool developed for Danish CSOs and their partners to engage in dialogue while planning a joint project. The tool helps to optimize the effects of project activities as well as strengthen local partners and the impact on civil society in general.


The Development Triangle balances between three areas of intervention, which are considered important and basic elements of long-term, sustainable development; 1. Strategic Service, 2. Organisational Capacity and, 3. Advocacy.


Figure: 1.2.



When put together, these areas create synergy, cohesion and wholeness in a project, thus the central project elements will mutually underpin and reinforce one another. In connection with the Civil Society Fund, projects are always required to incoorporate all three areas. However,  if it serves a greater strategic purpose, certain types of projects may put more emphasis on one or two of the areas of intervention.

Want to learn more about the Development Triangle? Download CISU's Position Paper no. 3: The Development Triangle.



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