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    We must fight Corruption!


    Development projects performed by Danish civil society organisations often take place in countries where corruption is widespread, which causes major problems for the countries public rights and general development. CISU focuses on the various aspects of corruption by strengthening the Danish associations and their partners' capacity to prevent and handle corruption.

    CISU has developed a website 'Corruption on the Agenda' which shares knowledge and tools to fight and prevent corruption. The website features:


    • ’Financial Management Health Check’ developed by MANGO
    • Complete guides and materials for workshops on how to prevent corruption
    • CISU 's dialogue tool for building accountability in partner organisations
    • Cases, guidelines and links.
    • And much more...


    Corruption must be reported

    As stated in the 'Guidelines for The Civil Society Fund', all organisations receiving grants from The Civil Society Fund must immediately report to CISU , if they discover (or have reason to suspect) fraud, corruption, misuse or other irregularities of the grant. In this context, CISU is not a 'counterparty', but will provide advice and assistance to clarify and resolve the specific case. Read more about reporting of cases (in Danish)

    Reported cases, which CISU select for closer scrutiny, will continuously be presented on the Danish website. See the list of cases here.



    ''Corruption on the Agenda'' is the PATCs own website on anti-corruption
    Address: CISU - Civil Society in Development, Klosterport 4a, 8000 Århus C, Denmark
    Tel: 045 8612 0342, weekdays 10.00-15.00, Mail us at cisu@cisu.dk

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