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    Advocacy is one of the key objectives of the Danish Policy for Support to Civil Society (the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2014).  A strong, independent and diverse civil society plays a decisive role in securing basic human rights, and it is thus imperative to include or identify human rights elements according to international conventions and declarations (including the rights of women, children, disabled and indigenous people etc.) when applying the Civil Society Fund for project grants.


    CISU specifically promotes a practical use of advocacy as a method to achieve lasting changes, which have a positive influence on the structural causes of poverty, and which benefit the larger community. 


    Position Paper on Advocacy


    The concept of advocacy has given rise to many questions and concerns in connection with applying for grants from the Civil Society Fund. To address some of these concerns, CISU has published a Position Paper describing how the concept can be interpreted and applied in practice. The paper is available in English and Danish here


    In connection with the Danish Policy for Support to Civil Society, CISU has also identyfied two levels of advocacy, which could be incoporated into a project. The levels have a smooth transition between them:

    • Strengthen awareness among - and build capacity within - organisations and groups of people to actively participate in advocacy.
    • Advocacy directed at influencing structures, institutions and authorities at all levels.


    Booklet: The Right to Influence 

    Before establishing goals and strategies for advocacy in a project, CISU recommends reading the booklet: "The Right to Influence - Advocacy: Lessons, Challenges, Ideas"  .

    Especially Chapter 3 ‘Strategy Development’ provides inspiration, tools for analysis, a number of case studies as well as examples that illustrate the various options and approaches to a more systematic approach to advocacy.

     Download in English 


    The booklet is published by the professional Danish network Thematic Forum with support from CISU.


    The Indian disability movement has successfully used the demonstrations and the media in its fight for equal opportunities (Photo: Danish Disability Organisation)
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