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CISU's 'Guide to the formulation of NGO projects' is now released in a slightly edited and up-dated version. The guide is an introduction to Logical Framework Approach (LFA) as applied in development projects throughout the world.


Download guide as pdf in Danish (3rd edition, 2013)  //  In English  //  In Spanish  //


The guide is a useful tool for associations when planning a development project with a local partner organisation. The guide also functions as textbook during  CISU's courses on Project Development and Project Management.







Example of the guide’s systematics: An objective tree with multiple project opportunities or approaches to the project. The task now is to identify a way to the right approach by using the Logical Framework Approach, LFA. (Click image to see larger photo) 


Project Clarification

The guide illustrates the necessary analysis and key aspects of the project formulation phase. It is important that a project is clearly described. This makes it easier for donors to understand the project's relevance and legitimacy. Furthermore, it is a great advantage for the partner. The clearer the project is formulated, the easier it is for organizations to implement the project and evaluate it. Clarity and transparency in project formulation requires careful consideration of several aspects.


Key Considerations

  • Ambition – Are the objectives realistic and do they have good indicators or success criteria?
  • Target group - Is it well-defined and realistic? Who are the primary / secondary target groups?
  • Strategy - Why execute the project in a certain way – have other options been considered?
  • Context – Have factors outside the project been taken into account? What other organizations or individuals will be affected / involved?
  • Resources – Is the project realistic in relation to own and the partner organization's resources?

Logical Framework Approach (LFA)

The guide is based on Logical Framework Approach. It is a method which has been used in development work for many years and, is useful in creating an overview of the different processes and considerations related to a project. LFA is used as a basis for designing many of the application forms provided by various donor organizations - including The Project Fund, Danida the EU's development funds, World Bank etc.

LFA is designed to support planning and implementation of development projects - I.e. activities that are planned to achieve specific objectives within a defined budget and within a stipulated time period.

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