Take a 360 degree panoramic photo with your smartphone and give others a visuel experience of your project.


When the photo appears on your website, you can spin the motif around in both directions and see what happens to the sides and behind you. 
Do this:

  • Download the app Dermandar (DMD) from AppStore
  • Create an account on Dermandars website (it is necessary to put photos on the web)
  • Open the app and hold your spartphone vertical
  • Move slowly around (app shows if you turn too fast)
  • Once you have turned a full circle, your 360 degree image is "in the box".
  • Send it to your Dermandar account.


Note: Dermandar currently works only on iPhone



Instruction video: How to do - step by step




Example: Panoramic photo from Rwanda


Use your mouse to spin photo. Click the arrow for full screen mode.