All smartphones have a built in camera. In all newer phones the technical quality will be so good that you can use them directly on the internet. Many cameras are so advanced that you can print the images in high quality. But good photos is about much more than technical quality ...
Watch a short video presentation with tips and tricks
Journalist Anne Grete Skovbjerg shares his own experience of using the phone's camera to take good pictures. Watch the video and get a number of good, practical advice on how your photo reportage gets better.





How to take better pictures

  • Think about composition: Many phones can guide you with grids
  • Take many photos from many angles: To give you more creative space when you get home.
  • Vary distance to motif: Take photos in total to include the surroundings - and up close, so you can see faces, hands, and what people are doing.
  • Keep an eye on the light. Avoid backlit few faces well lit.
  • Keep an eye on the background. Avoid too much turmoil or distractions in the background.
  • Go on level with the motif. Go to your knees if the motif is low. Take photos from different angles.

How do you make people act natural?
Most people have experienced the whole magic disappear from a situation the monent you pull out the camera. Here are some tips on how you can make photo shoots more natural:

  • Set aside sufficient time. If there is enough time and good interaction, the result is much better than the random snapshot.
  • Make a 'contract'. Tell people that you want to photograph them and how you plan to use the photos - and why do not (only) need a set group picture. It motivates everyone to contribute to a better outcome.
  • Instruct the participants. Allow yourself to direct details and influence the situation: 'Try turning around, so the light is better', 'Pleace do it again', 'Will you please move away from the background,' etc. Show the results along the way and explain why a picture is not quite good enough and must be retaken.
  • Give something in return. Take the photos that people themselves would like you to take (and maybe start with that): The set group picture, the image where the boys show off and look cool, etc.
  • Be steady and patient. The more photos you take, the more people will relax. Most people quickly adapts to the presence of the camera.


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