The quality of audio and video on smartphones vary widely, but there are some tips and tricks to improve the results - regarding the purely technical as well as the way you are shooting your film.

Watch a short video presentation with tips and tricks
Journalist Anne Grete Skovbjerg shares her own experience of using the phone's sound and camera in practice: how to position yourself correctly, vary 'shots', know the limitations - and why good sound is more important than good pictures.




Video recording in practice: Three Tips

  • Make your interview in location: Stay in authentic surroundings - in the field, on the street, etc. But avoid locations with excessive background noise.
  • Go close: Top of head close to the edge of the image - both eyes must be visible
  • Keep the image steady: Zooming is impossible on a smartphone, and it is normally not a good idea to pan. Better to add several small chunks together into a whole video.
Not good: The person is too far away, the image shakes, composition fiddling and the sound is too weak Much better: The person is close to the camera, the sound is good (with external microphone) and the background is neutral



Better audio with an external microphone


The microphone is the weak link in most smartphones. The image is usually fine - but the sound is often too weak, too muddy or wind scratchy. You can achieve a dramatic improvement in sound quality by plugging in an external microphone.
For iPhone you can for example buy an iRig MIC to approx. 60 Euro. This is a solid handheld microphone that effectively protects against wind noise and reverb. For Android and Windows phones you can buy a small connection cable for a few euros, which makes it possible to connect a standard microphone. Ask in stores with musical instruments - musicians are avid consumers of smart audio solutions!


Watch this video - and hear the difference!



Avoid shaking images


It can be difficult to keep a phone perfectly still while trying to hold a microphone - and concentrate on an interview or something that happens in front of you. A good grip on your phone allows you to rest your elbow against your body and hold it steady while shooting.
You can buy various good 'handle' for your smartphone - such as Joby Gorilla Mobile which is also a tripod phone can stand.


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