Timelines can be very effective in presenting projects and events that run over time, especially if you are able to add photos, video and audio. A timeline can be used to get an overview of short and longer time spans - from a project visit to your organization's entire history.
Many programs for the production of timelines are quite pricy, but the program TimelineJS, it allows you to create attractive timelines for free. With a template created in Google Spreadsheet, you can generate a timeline that is both attractive and may contain different content types: text, photos, video and audio files.



Instruction video: How to do - step by step




Three tips for timelines:

  • Keep it short and write each event as part of a larger narrative.
  • Use timelines for stories that have a clear chronology. It is no good having to jump back and forth in the timeline to get context.
  • Include info that build up to a major event or point. Not only the big event itself.

Example: Timeline from a project visit to Rwanda.