With EveryTrail you can record how you move physically through a landscape, a village or a project - and link photos and videos, you take along the way, directly to the location. Afterwards, you can show selected photos and movies as points on your itinerary.
To do this:

  • Download the app EveryTrail. It is available for both iPhone and Android.
  • Create an account on Everytrails website (it is necessary to put trails on the web)
  • Open the app when you start your 'route'. The app will then record your movements using GPS data.
  • Upload your tracks to EveryTrail together with the movies and photos you want to display.
  • EveryTrail will automatically connect your photos and movies to the right location along the route.
  • NOTE: Check that your camera is set to record GPS data when filming and photographing. It is normally default.

Note: EveryTrail uses quite a lot of power because the phone check its precise location continually. The app is best suited for trips less than 3-4 hours, unless you can recharge your phone along the way.



Instruction video: How to do - step by step


Learn how to edit your EveryTrail routes and embed them on your website or blog.




Example: EveryTrail from Rwanda.


Watch on Everytrails website