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If you wish to alert the DERF about a particular crisis, this can be done through CISUs online platform, Vores CISU. After the log-in, you can find the raise an alert box at the bottom of the front page.


When raising an alert, you will be asked to provide some basic information about the crisis and who is sending the alert. This is done directly in the online platform.


You will also be asked to upload a filled alert note document with more information about the crisis. The DERF format for alert notes must be used.

You can find the alert note format here.  


Please read the DERF Funding Guidelines for more information about timeliness of sending alerts, types of crises the DERF may be activated for, and how an alert is assessed.


For information on existing call for applications see the DERF News site here and subscribe to news from the DERF News.


Note: You do not need to raise an alert if you wish to respond in anticipation to a crisis. In that case you need to apply under the DERF funding modality: Anticipatory Action in relation to natural hazards and climate change